Presently the school is housed in a purpose build building at killi shabo in a suburb of Quetta. This building is owned by the society.

The school uses both one to one and groups hearing aid systems to educate our special children. These include and are not only limited to:

1.            FM. System for all of its 220 pupils. This F.M. System is the latest in the world and costs around Rs. 90,000 per child. This system amplifies the sound signal of the teacher and sends it thru Radio waves to a receiver that the child has around his/ her neck . this signal is then fed to a hearing aid which again amplifies it and this double amplified sound is then fed to the ear of a child who then hears, and once the child hears then he tries to repeat and hence develops speech.

2.            One to one speech training equipment and trained staff for speech therapy. This system uses one teacher one child method to teach children single sellable sounds.

The students are admitted at 5 years of age. At the time of admission they undergo audiological and mental assessment. This is kept in the students file for future reference.

All the special children in our school are given free education in a purpose built building, from Nursery to Class 8. Regular books have been introduced in the curriculum regarding different subjects approved by the board of education Balochistan, as there is no reduced syllabus available for special children in the Balochistan Board.

The teacher student ratio is 1:10 as we are dealing with special children here.

Besides this the institute also imparts intensive training in useful crafts such as Tailoring, (Boys, Girls), Plumbing (Boys ) Carpenting  ( Boys) Electrician Course ( Boys), Cooking Classes ( Girls) Embroidery classes ( Girls) Beautician Course ( Girls), Basic Computer Skills (Boys, Girls).