The Society

1.         (Late ) Capitan Gull Hassan

He was the founder of the Deaf and Dumb School, he felt the pangs of the countless parents whose children were hard of hearing and who could not afford to send their children to School. He took the initiative and started a school for the hearing impaired children.

2.         Mrs. Saqiba Raheemuddin

Since 1978 Saqiba Rahimuddin is the chairperson of the institute, she was later chosen as the life time chairperson for her selfless and untiring work in this field.

3.      Zahid Ali Bhai.

Senior Vice Chairman:

4       Dr. Akbar Yar Khan.

Vice Chairman: 

5.      Abdul Rashid Khokhar.

General Secretary: 

6.      Haji Abdul Majid.

Joint Secretary: 

7.     Shabeeh Ul Saddiqee


8.    Dr. Mehmood Raza

Technical Advisor.