All the efforts are undertaken to educate our children and ultimately help them in earning a decent livelihood, so that they are not misfits in our society. This vocational training helps them to achieve this purpose. All the mentioned courses are of vocational orientation and have been specifically designed in such a way that after the children finish their studies at the institution they are self-earning citizens of the country .

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  1. Tailoring, (Boys, Girls)
  2. Plumbing (Boys )
  3. Carpenting  ( Boys)
  4. Electrician Course ( Boys),
  5. Cooking Classes ( Girls)
  6. Embroidery classes ( Girls)
  7. Beautician Course ( Girls),
  8. Basic Computer Skills (Boys, Girls).

Information technology and computers have taken an important role in our daily life. A separate computer lab for girls and boys was established in 2009. This lab has a proper instructor. The lab provides basic computing skills to all the students.